Junior School

Updated: December 16, 2020

From our experience and from the research we completed last winter into the most effective and meaningful forms of distance instruction and learning, we have created the current model for Junior School students.

The goal is to provide students with a blend of instruction and social connection with their classmates and teachers through live video conferences and the Seesaw learning platform. This blended model provides the students with the benefits of daily social interaction and instruction with their teachers and classmates as well as high-quality learning engagements by video and through independent learning in Seesaw. Parents are required by law to supervise their children's use of technology at all times. ​  

Student Technology

Students have access to the MS Teams platform and Seesaw on their school-provided iPad. Students that were not able to take their iPad home have been provided a QR code to load the Seesaw school app. 

Video Conferencing on Microsoft Teams

Parents who would like their children to participate in video conferences must give permission beforehand. Students will participate in daily video conferences with their teachers at 9:15. This time is designed to provide the students with social contact with their classmates and it will allow the teachers to describe the learning plan for the day and to answer any questions students may have. Students in the English as an Additional Language and Learning Support programs will also participate in video conferences with their teachers. 

Instruction Through Seesaw

Junior School teachers will provide learning engagements on the Seesaw learning platform for students to complete primarily without the help of an adult. Teachers will provide lessons and learning engagements that are meant to be completed independently or with minimal parental support. Instruction will include recorded videos prepared by the teachers as well as from professional learning websites such as Maths with Parents. ​

​Communication with Students and Parents

​Teachers will provide a weekly overview on Seesaw of the assignments and expectations for students. Announcements from the teachers and the school administration for parents will also be posted on Seesaw.  ​

Single-subject Instruction

Students will continue to receive instruction through Seesaw from Art, German, Music, PE, and the Library on the days they would normally in school. 


During distance learning and instruction students will complete their learning engagements during school hours and homework will not be assigned. After 15:15 students will be encouraged to read freely, exercise, go outside, and to participate in activities that do not require the use of digital devices. 

Students' Approximate Home Learning Times

Notes about our Distance Learning and Instruction Program

To develop this program of Distance Learning and Instruction, feedback was taken under consideration from parents, teachers, and students, as well as from the identified practices from schools which have successfully implemented DLI for longer periods of time, many since January of 2020 (International School Beijing, Western Academy Beijing, Singapore American School, American School in Japan), as well as from the International Baccalaureate’s statement and guidance on Distance Learning from March 2020.