Junior School

What Parents and Students Can Expect – Week 4 and Beyond 

Distance learning continues to be a requirement for our community. As the period away from regular, in-person school extends, the Junior School teachers and staff have modified our program of support and instruction to better meet the needs of your children. This extended absence of your children from school merits a new approach of blended learning, one that focuses more on video, in the form of both asynchronous recorded messages and synchronous live meetings, as well as more of a focus on direct instruction.

To develop this next phase of distance teaching and learning, feedback was taken under consideration from parents, teachers and students, as well as from the identified practices from schools which have successfully implemented DLI for longer periods of time, many since January (International School Beijing, Western Academy Beijing, Singapore American School, American School in Japan), as well as from the International Baccalaureate’s recent statement and guidance on Distance Learning from March 2020.

Phase II of Distance Learning in the Junior School

  • Move to a blended model of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning using Seesaw, videoconferencing on MS Teams, and recorded video messages.
  • Increase the focus of Distance Learning on instruction.  
  • Prioritize sustainability, purpose, and reasonableness for children, parents and teachers.  
  • Continue to support our students and parents with the implementation of new technology platforms and programs such as Microsoft Teams. 
  • Provide parents and students with a weekly and daily overview of learning expectations.
  • Reduce the number and frequency of announcements and assignments to students.
Starting Week of 20 April:
  1. Homeroom teachers will post daily video morning messages in Seesaw.
  2. Homeroom teachers will post a daily instructional teaching video in Seesaw for elements of the daily instruction that would be best communicated in this way.
  3. Students in Grades 1-4 will participate in at least one 20-minute synchronous videoconference with the teacher and a small group of students in Microsoft Teams. Conference days and times will be arranged by the Homeroom teachers through Seesaw.
Starting Week of 27 April:
  1. Students in Grades 1-4 will participate in synchronous videoconferences 3x week for approximately 20 minutes in MS Teams. The purpose of the conferences will be for class meetings, clarification of assignments, sharing of work, and instruction.
  2. Students in Early Childhood will begin to participate in synchronous videoconferences with the teachers and a small group of students in Microsoft Teams.​ Conference times will be arranged by the Homeroom teachers through Seesaw.
  3. A weekly overview  of assignments for students in EC – G4 will be posted every Monday at 7:00AM in Seesaw as an announcement.  
  4. Weekly videos from EC – G4 Homeroom teachers will be posted every Monday in Seesaw to explain focus for the week.
  5. Small-group support for English as Additional Language and Learning Support will also be scheduled by the teachers of these subjects.  

Single Subjects Posting Schedule

Subject EC 1 2 3 4
Art Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Music Tues Wed Thurs Fri Mon
PE Wed Thurs Fri Mon Tues
Library Thurs Fri Mon Tues Wed
Counsellor Fri Mon Tues Wed Thurs

Students' Approximate Home Learning Times