Middle School

Students in Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. What Parents & Students can Expect – Week 4 and Beyond  

We know some families may be in challenging situations and circumstances. The plan articulated here is how we’d like to move forward by offering the best possible continuation of learning for student engagement and connection to MIS. Our primary goal remains the physical health and emotional wellness of all members in our community.

What learning will look like

  • ItsLearning is the primary tool for communication with students.
  • Lessons will include a variety of pre-recorded instructional videos, face to face conferences with the teacher and independent work.
  • The Overview for each grade will provide direction each day on tasks or assignments.
  • Students will have lessons that include Tasks to build skills or knowledge and Assignments that help students to apply these skills and knowledge.
  • Tasks tend to be shorter periods of work and are assessed as either Done (D) or Not Done (ND).
  • Assignments take more time and have clear and specific criteria for quality that is outlined by the teacher. Assignments are assessed as Below Expectations (BE), Meeting Expectations (ME), or Exceeding Expectations (EE). Feedback will be given no later than 7 days after submission with a written comment explaining the level achieved.
  • For work not submitted, students and parents will be notified within two days via Schoolbase.
  • A Presentation of Learning will occur on May 1st. Students will select at least 3 pieces of work they are particularly proud of and explain why those samples were selected and what habits helped them to be successful. The Presentations of Learning will be created by the student as a video recording and/or screencast that is uploaded into a Homeroom folder on ItsLearning.
  • Learning Support Students will have a meeting once a week with their class and teacher on Teams. Small group support for assignments will occur as needed.

Weekly Schedule for Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 students.

Teams Meetings will be scheduled by the teacher and will be listed in the weekly Overview for each Grade. A Teams meeting will occur at least once a week in Math, Science, English/EAL, German A/B, elective languages and Homeroom.

Starting April 20th, …

… all students in Middle School will have live video conferencing with their teachers. To participate, students need to complete a tutorial to better understand the etiquette and responsibilities of this new tool. Please sit with your child and help them complete the tutorial.

Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Tutorials are found on ItsLearning in the following courses:

  • Grade 5 – GO5 2019/20
  • Grade 6 – G06 Ethics
  • Grade 7 – G7 Digital Life
  • Grade 8 – G8 Digital Life

Setting up Teams on your child's device

Parental permission is also required to participate in Teams conversations so please complete the form below for each of your children in the Middle School.

Parent permission for Live Video Conferences

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math I & S Math I & S Math
Science German B Science German B Science
English/EAL Spanish/ French/ Mandarin English/EAL Spanish/ French/ Mandarin English/EAL
German A   German A   German A

PE, Design, Drama, Visual Arts, and Music: An assignment will be posted in ItsLearning on Monday and is due the following Monday. Students have flexibility to plan when the assignment is completed during the week. No teams meetings are required for these subjects.


Teachers will use ItsLearning “Overview - Announcements” to post information about learning activities for students. Here, basic instructions will be given about what materials are needed, how long the lesson will take and if the work is a Task or Assignment. Students will be given directions on how to continue with the lesson. Teachers may also need to use email to contact students so it will need to be checked it at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Students can use ItsLearning or email to communicate with teachers.

Student Roles and Responsibilities