Senior School

Updated on 14 December 2020

What Learning Will Look Like for Students in Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12

We know some families may be in challenging situations and circumstances. The plan articulated here is how we would like to move forward by offering the best possible continuation of learning for student engagement and connection to MIS.


Written instructions
  • Detailed instructions about your work will be provided through the learning platforms ItsLearning/Teams/OneNote, just like when you are at school.
  • On Monday mornings your grade level coordinator will send you an overview of the assignments of the week. The purpose of this overview is to facilitate the planning of your studies. 
  • The most updated overview for your grade level can be seen here:
  • Classes will be taught through Videoconferencing according to the regular timetable. 
  • You will be taught each class throughout the week and you have to join each class. 
  • Exceptions are Arts, Drama, Music, Design, Independent Study and PE, where you only will be taught once during the week. The schedule for these classes will be posted on the excel spreadsheet.
  • This means that you will basically have 5 out of 6 classes every day.
  • You will attend homeroom in the mornings at 9.05.
  • Attendance for all classes is mandatory.
  • Cameras have to be on for all students.


Your own work
  • You will be assigned work to do during class time and as homework after 4 p.m., just like during a regular day at MIS.
  • There will be assignments and assessments (formative and summative), just like during normal school.


  • There is not a single approach – the nature of the subject will guide how assessments are done. 
  • Generally, there will be assessments that project based, where students can show individual understanding with open-ended/contextual questions.


  • Feedback on assessments will be given no later than two weeks after submission, preferably sooner than 
  • Questions you have in the subject areas, should be asked in class during videoconferencing or asked in writing on Teams – just like asking questions in class during normal circumstances.
  • You should also support each other in your learning – as you always do.

Your counselors are available to meet you through Teams:
HR ab: Ms. Ortwein –
HR cd: Mr. Floor –
HR df: Ms. Schmidt –
Technology-related problems –

Any other concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself of Mr. Palfrey:
Mr. Palfrey –
Mr. Carlsson –

Grade level Coordinators:
Grade 9: Mr. Palfrey
Grade 10: Ms. Brassington
Grade 11: Mr. Carlsson
Grade 12: Mr. McMurtry