Junior School students studying in new classrooms
Students in coding class in the MIS Makers Laboratory
Teacher with students in Math class using laptops and notepads
Junior School students learning about robotics and computing in the Makers' Space.

Both in the world of work and in the wider society, our students will face challenges as adults that we cannot yet anticipate. We are making MIS a school that equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to master complex challenges and to thrive in a world of accelerating change.

Indeed, 65 % of children in school today will likely work in jobs that currently do not exist. This means that schools must not simply strive to do the same things that they have always done better. Instead, effective 21st century schools must develop new, innovative approaches, strategies and tools that nurture, challenge and inspire students to become adaptable, independent, purposeful, lifelong learners who know how to transform knowledge into action and to design, coordinate and engineer solutions to complex problems.

At MIS, we take account of these evolving trends and aim to equip teachers and students with the knowledge, tools, resources and facilities to thrive and excel.

  • Future-oriented courses and units (Coding & Computing, Social Justice, Interdisciplinary Units, etc)
  • Makers‘ Laboratories
  • Globally-leading School for ATL (Approaches to Learning)
  • Innovative classroom design, modern learning spaces, and future-oriented facilities