Educating in Times of COVID-19


We are prepared for the future with the systems in place for a successful school year 2020/21.

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We recruit the most caring, competent and committed teachers and staff from more than two dozen countries. These educators create a vibrant, diverse, student-centred programme of distance and on-campus learning, supported by superior facilities and resources.

Students Share About Distance Learning

Grade 6 Student Smilla Shares her Top Tips for Distance Learning:

  • Enjoy developing new skills while helping out at home!
  • If you are Grade 6 like me, try and use a laptop as often as possible if you have access to one. It's a good preparation for Grade 7.
  • Stay in contact with your friends who are in the same situation, call them and talk to them. It will keep you motivated.
  • Exercise! I go jogging or spend time jumping on the trampoline.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Have a similar routine as if you were at school! 
  • Try out something new every day, for example if you go out for a walk try out a new path. 
  • Have fun! Make the best out of this situation.