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Educating in Times of COVID-19


As our students gradually return to the campus, lots of changes have been made in order to ensure everyone's health and safety. 

High-traffic areas have been designated as "one way", doors have been marked with "entry" and "exit" signs.  Students have been divided into groups to determine which students have face-to-face instruction on which days. For the protection of our office staff, offices has been outfitted with plexiglass shields, and the number of guests permitted in the office has been reduced. 

On Campus

On Monday 11 May 2020, Grade 4 and Grade 11 returned to the campus. Junior School Principal David Freed takes us on a tour explaining the School's hygiene and safety precautions.

Meet our Faculty

We recruit the most caring, competent and committed teachers and staff from more than two dozen countries. These educators create a vibrant, diverse, student-centred programme of distance and on-campus learning, supported by superior facilities and resources.

Students Share About Distance Learning

Grade 6 Student Smilla Shares her Top Tips for Distance Learning:

  • Enjoy developing new skills while helping out at home!
  • If you are Grade 6 like me, try and use a laptop as often as possible if you have access to one. It's a good preparation for Grade 7.
  • Stay in contact with your friends who are in the same situation, call them and talk to them. It will keep you motivated.
  • Exercise! I go jogging or spend time jumping on the trampoline.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Have a similar routine as if you were at school! 
  • Try out something new every day, for example if you go out for a walk try out a new path. 
  • Have fun! Make the best out of this situation.