Parent Teacher Verein

Crowd mingling outside round Junior School building

Parent Teacher Verein (PTV) at MIS - Connect, Socialise, Support

What is the Parent Teacher Verein?

 The Parent Teacher Verein (PTV) is the parent organization at MIS. ‘Verein’ is the German word for association.

We are a non-profit, volunteer-led association of parents that supports the school community by building connections among parents and with the school.

The goals & responsibilities of the PTV are to:

·         Create a thriving community among parents in a spirit of shared enthusiasm and positive action

·         Improve our children’s lives at school

·         Host school-wide events

·         Organise fundraising activities

·         Liaise with the school management


What does the PTV offer?

New Family Workshops – At the start of each school year, the PTV holds New Family Workshops to support new members connect with the MIS community, get answers to important questions about school as well as life in Germany and the Munich area (e.g. finding housing/ doctors/ leisure activities).

Welcome Coffee Mornings – Welcome Coffee Mornings are hosted in the first weeks of the new school year. It’s a time to learn about the PTV, to ask questions, and to connect with other parents at school.

Grade, Area, and Nationality/Language Groups – The PTV runs more than 40 different groups organised by nationality, grade and residential area. These groups are an easy way to connect & socialise with other parents in the school community. You’ll meet parents from the same grades as your kids, from your residential area, and from your home country through planned events and outings.

Organised Events – Annual PTV-organised events, such as Winterfest and Frühlingsfest, are our main events to bring the community together, exchange specialties from our home countries, and raise funds to support school-wide projects. In addition, the PTV supports the Junior School's Mosaic of Cultures Day, which celebrates all the different nationalities and cultures represented at the school. 

Once you sign up to become a member of the PTV, we will make sure to keep you updated on events, workshops, volunteering opportunities and any other important PTV related news.

Volunteer Opportunities  PTV events are organised and run by parent volunteers. Volunteering at events can take many shapes and forms and is a rewarding experience as well as a great chance to make new connections at school. Every PTV member family can decide for themselves how involved they would like to get and how much of their time they wish to contribute to the MIS community. One single hour of selling food & drinks at an event or helping setup decorations can make a big difference! 

Giving Back – The PTV creates opportunities for the community to thank the teachers & staff at MIS through events such as an annual Staff Appreciation Lunch and makes grants to the school to help fund improvements that benefit every student.


Why join the PTV?

CONNECT – Meet other MIS families from your children's grades, your residential area, and your nationality/language groups!

SOCIALISE – Take part in PTV events & enjoy getting to know the school community!

SUPPORT – The PTV provides valuable resources to the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools. In recent years, the PTV made donations to the school which helped the school to purchase library books, playground materials, outdoor wooden seating cubes, drama blocks, and to upgrade the drinking water fountains & bottle filling stations.

The PTV contributes greatly to the MIS spirit providing many opportunities for the community to come together and connect. This sense of community is especially valuable in an international environment such as ours with families from all over the world! The PTV is not only for families who are new to MIS or to Germany, but also for families who have been part of MIS for longer and enjoy the special spirit and connection of our community.


How is the PTV funded?

The PTV asks for a membership fee from each family per school year. This money enables the PTV to cover costs for social gatherings and events as well as donating to the school at the end of the school year. 


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