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It was an emotional rollercoaster for MIS's Class of 2024 Seniors as this week is their last week of classes before a month of IB Exams and their impending graduation ceremony.  This week was full of pomp and circumstance, including Senior-specific spirit days, parades, legacy mural painting, the IB Art Exhibition, and the IB Film Festival vernissage. Our 12th-graders stand at the crossroads of their journey's end at MIS and on the edge of conquering the world! So how will they leave their marks here and on the globe?
Mia, one of our twelfth-grade students captured it beautifully when she said, "You don’t have to be perfect, but having care for the people and environment around you is a big step forward." Right, it's not about achieving flawless perfection, but rather about making a genuine difference through our positive attitude, actions, and caring towards other people.
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As we all could witness during this week's IB Art Exhibition & IB Film Festival, they express themselves with flair and imagination, leaving audiences captivated and hearts touched. Their artistic endeavors have inspired, challenged, nurtured, and left an enduring mark on the cultural landscape of our campus.
Beyond the confines of campus, they will soon take part in even greater changes - on the global stage. Through their future efforts, they might prove that individual actions can indeed change the world. Innovation and entrepreneurship might be their trademarks, as they push boundaries and envision a future that is brighter, bolder, and more inclusive. Their ventures—whether startups, technologies, social enterprises or inspiring art pieces— might not be just career moves, but manifestations of their belief in the power of innovation to create positive change.
In her painting "Rays of Hope", Mia created an interactive tapestry including quotes from junior and middle schoolers, stating what they love about the Earth and what their proposed solutions to environmental issues are. In the middle of the piece is the symbolism of a sun. The sole purpose of this piece for Mia?: to spread love and hope and to encourage viewers to see the younger generation as inspiration for constructing positive change towards a healthier planet.
We want to thank our students like Mia who daily remind and inspire us to be the change we wish to see in the world. Their legacy will endure in many ways and though they are leaving campus soon physically, they leave marks that will inspire future generations of students and our whole community. Follow in their footsteps: "Be The Good".
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