PTV Organizes Staff Appreciation Lunch


On Wednesday, MIS parent volunteers from the PTV served an incredible lunch buffet featuring musical performances! The lunch was an appreciation event for the whole school's staff, meaning enough food had to be made and served between convenient lunch hours for all staff, from 11am to 2pm. What started as a simple idea years ago has turned into a beautiful tradition of generosity to recognize the dedication and daily work of the MIS school staff.  Each member of the school community -- including teachers who nurture young minds to custodial staff who ensure a clean and safe environment - plays a vital role in shaping the educational journey of our students. 

This year, 101 parents prepared meals, covering all dietary requirements!  Because MIS parents represent over 60 different nationalities, the meals included an array of dishes from around the world.  As the school staff gathered to enjoy the delicious spread, there was an undeniable sense of warmth and camaraderie. Musical performances were provided by our MIS community choir, led by Karen Buck. The NachtiGALS choir performed tunes from the musical, Mamma Mia. 

Head of School, Mr. Timothy Thomas, expresses his thanks to PTV President Jennifer O'Brien Nash, "and to all the leaders in the PTV because the lunch was absolutely amazing. I don't know if you know how hard it is to make teachers feel like they are appreciated, but it really is.  Teaching is such a difficult job where people are together with children every day and not always understanding if people can see the hard work that they do, but it certainly felt like it yesterday.  I know it took an amazing amount of coordination to make that happen, yet you made it look so easy."  


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