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M Stories:  Charlotte + Zonta = Gender Equality


Zonta International believes that young women are the key to women’s advancement in the field of public service. To support this belief, the organization offers the Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award, which recognizes young women, ages 16-19, for demonstrating leadership skills, commitment to public service and civic causes. The Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Award aims to acknowledge and praise Women’s achievements and their positive impact on the world. 

This year, 13 students from Munich International School participated in the Zonta program, and three of them won the top three awards. One of the winners, Charlotte Wunn Casado, a Grade 12 student from Germany, took the 3rd place recognition.

Charlotte Wunn Casado is 18 years old and of half-German, half-Spanish heritage. Her Zonta experience allowed her to reflect on her own strengths and accomplishments and to realize that to make the world a better place for women, we must all work together to make the change.

In early 2024, she decided to participate in the Zonta program because “I wanted to be a part of the initiative to promote women’s achievements and gender equality. This topic has been especially important to me since I understood what it meant; therefore, my 4th-grade exhibition was already about gender equality, and since then I have engaged myself in fighting inequalities” explains Charlotte. Since then, she has engaged herself in fighting inequalities such as stereotypes, discrimination, and the lack of attention given to women’s achievements and needs. For example, she led the Women’s Empowerment Month at MIS for multiple years in which she with her friends thanked, honored, and celebrated the women who inspire them with the result of making women and their efforts feel appreciated.

“The first woman to inspire me is my mom, I admire her strength and hard work. Ever since I was a young girl, she raised me to become an independent and resilient woman”.

Furthermore; during the program, I was able to share my philosophy: that balance is the key. I have always been dedicated to my academics; however, I also made time for music, sports, family, friends, and clubs. For example, I have been a member of the school orchestra for 12 years, president of the student council as well as a member of the ski team. Although at times, balancing these elements of my life seemed overwhelming and stressful, they all taught me valuable lessons; and therefore, allowed me to grow in multiple ways." 

Throughout the Zonta application process, the teachers involved in the program have supported by organizing all the details, providing feedback, and guiding her smoothly through the process. She is extremely grateful to have been a part of this award; and therefore, a part of the international mission to build a better world for women and girls! “I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this Award; and therefore, a part of the international mission to build a better world for women and girls!”. Charlotte’s achievements and reflections highlight the essence of Zonta International’s mission and the significant impact of teachers and gratitude for MIS.

“Participating in the Zonta program has impacted me by making me more aware of the role women play in our world, especially in supporting women who are in discriminating or dangerous environments. It has inspired me to always appreciate my chances and to help women in less fortunate situations”.

Charlotte’s message to our school community is to always appreciate the extraordinary chances and support our school provides us with and to give back to the community and the people around the world who do not have these opportunities.


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