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M Stories: Tanish Dhiman Champions Cubing


MIS Senior Tanish Dhiman competed in the Cubing World Championships in South Korea this summer! Here, he tells us his story and explains how he now teaches young MIS cubers the sport as part of our Student Life Programme. 

Tanish has been part of MIS since he was in the Early Childhood class and started cubing as a grade 4 student. On a family trip to India, his cousin showed him how to solve a Rubik’s cube and since then his love of cubing has grown as well as his speed!   

"Cubing really gave me a sense of belonging, as it showed me how important the support of those around us can be to help us to achieve success. It has helped my collaborative skills and has also increased my determination and patience since it took me a few years to consistently podium in competitions in Europe".

"I also learned the value of practice. If you practice over and over again, it leads to faster and more efficient times. But even if you just pick up a cube and solve it [once], you already start learning the algorithmic thinking involved". 

Tanish is using his cubing experience to nurture his academic skills, too. His MYP Personal Project was based around cubing, and this learning will lead to the completion of his DP Extended Essay in his final year at MIS.  

As a competitive cuber, Tanish has reached such a high level that he was able to travel to South Korea this summer, where he competed in the World Championships and, impressively, reached the semi-final!  

"In August, I attended the Rubik’s Cube WCA World Championships in Incheon, South Korea. This was my second World Championships, my first was in 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, where I came 6th. These championships taught me that the experience of participating in the cubing community was a greater achievement than just my results. Solving cubes, collaborating, and having fun for a week with the best cubers from around the world are some of the best things that the community offers. Before the championships, I told myself that no matter what happened, I would have a good time."

Buoyed by his recent experience Tanish is now a student leader in our SLP, taking care of the Speedcubing clubs for MIS learners of all ages. He collaborates with a teacher leader, but Tanish himself manages the club and ensures the students can learn and develop their skills during each session.  

"We have definitely nurtured our young players over time. We have taught many young students how to solve the cube, and once you know how to solve it, you want to go faster! The students have now started teaching each other to solve the cube, and to share techniques with each other."

Thank you to Tanish from all of us in the Student Life Programme team, for his commitment to cubing and his desire to nurture the future generation of MIS cubers. If you would like to join the Speedcubing clubs next season, be sure to sign up on SchoolsBuddy when the time comes!  

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