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M Stories: Will White's Podcast Reveals the Backstory


The birth of my podcast originates with my mom pointing out that I love talking to people, and I might benefit from a channel allowing me an excuse to chat with fascinating guests to find out the backstory that made them who they are today. Thankfully, MIS has an incredible green room full of high-end audio-visual recording and editing equipment.

The main person who has nurtured me on this technical journey is Andy Smit, a member of the MIS IT team and sound engineer.  We’ve spent countless hours together in the studio, learning the ropes of the endless recording and editing capabilities of the room, and discovering how I could become independent in my recording.

What has emerged is a podcast that I’m very proud of.  To summarize my podcast and brand:  I’m a curious student seeking words of wisdom from globally-minded change-makers.  I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a wide range of guests including, entrepreneurs, authors, journalists, and designers. On my latest episode, I interview MIS parent, lawyer, and current Harvard Fellow, Dr. Matthias Bosch.

So, what ARE the words of wisdom that I’ve heard so far from these successful individuals?  During the last two seasons of my podcasting journey, I have learned many invaluable lessons, particularly the importance of determination, resilience, and creativity. However, the recurring message has been, that those who view failure through a positive lens, learn more from the experience and this very often leads to future successes. My guests have repeatedly encouraged me, and hopefully my audience to view, every part of life as a learning curve and to be brave risk-takers.

This year, plans are in the works for a podcast series featuring MIS alumni to see where they are now and what kind of impact they are having in the world.  Please join me on this journey by subscribing and listening to my fascinating episodes so far, and those I am in the process of recording right now. Click here to access my podcast! 

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